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Semper Solaris installed my SOLAR PANELS - if you decide to get, tell them Bruce (unit 120) recommends them!!!

10 Panasonic N320-HIT Panels/Solar Edge Inverter - 1 Optimizer, Panels are covered by Panasonic's Premier Installer 25-year Product, performance and labor warranty. Total DC Rating - 3.2KW, installed in 2018. Start to Finish took approximately 3.5 months - permits taking the longest time but worth it . . .

Help me PROTEST the below establishments - my recent experiences walking out the back gate to the following:

Brooklyn Boy's Pizza - now GONE!!!

Mrs. Taco

On 01 Feb 22, After going to Brooklyn Boy's Pizza and getting dissapointed, I went over to Mrs. Taco and I placed my order for two fish taco's and a California Burrito and 10 minutes later a lady places an order for three fish taco's. My burrito is sitting on the shelf while the lady gets her three fish taco's before my two are even ready - I asked why this was - she had NO excuse - plus the guy taking orders and serving food was NOT wearing a mask - VERY BAD SERVICE!!!!