Living in Vista Village Mobilehome Park offers many advantages and conveniences to its senior residents, not the least of which are:
  • a temperate climate
  • close proximity to businesses and professional services
  • several exclusively senior services
  • security of investment
  • a voice in the Park’s governance
... and all of this at an affordable price.


Vista Village Mobilehome Park is nestled beneath a row of foothills in an inland valley of northern San Diego County. Because of the City of Vista’s relative distance from the shore, we enjoy a nearly ideal climate, without the excessive fog and low clouds so often seen along the coast, and the extremes of hot and cold that are found further inland.


It has been said that living in our park is like “country living in an urban setting.” Inside the park, the atmosphere is calm and quiet, yet it is surrounded by just about every business or service one could possibly require.

within walking distance

Directly across a side street from the Park’s rear gate, there is a shopping center that includes:
  • Albertson’s supermarket with a U.S. Bank branch inside
  • Rite Aid pharmacy
  • Starbuck’s
  • Women’s health spa
  • French bakery/café
  • Three restaurants
  • Pizza Hut
  • Barber shop, beauty parlor, gift shop, dentist’s office, and several other businesses
Directly across the street from the shopping center, there is a “strip center” that is home to: Several different kinds of restaurants
  • Sprouts
  • Jersey Mikes
  • Upper Crust
  • Chili Coast Burgers
  • Beauty salon
  • Liquor store
  • Another dentist’s office
  • Dunkin Dounuts
within a 15-minute drive or less within approximately an hour’s drive

Seniors’ Services

  • Fire station/paramedics with a very fast response time (usually within 5–10 minutes)
  • Out & About, a free curb-to-curb shuttle bus that operates within the City of Vista
  • The Lift Bus, a wheelchair lift service that operates throughout San Diego County, for those disabled persons who qualify
  • Classes designed for seniors at local community colleges
  • Vista Senior Center, offering exercise classes, social activities, and daily noonday meals (with home delivery to those who qualify)

Security of Investment

Because Vista Village Mobilehome Park is resident owned, the investment you make in your home here will be secure, the land on which the Park is situated cannot be sold to a developer, and your monthly fees are stable, reasonably priced, and are used strictly to pay for the ownership of the Park’s land and its upkeep.

Participation in Governance of the Park

Each resident of Vista Village Mobilehome Park is able—indeed encouraged—to participate in the drafting of rules, regulations, and internal policies of the Park, which is governed by a Board of Directors, the members of which are elected by the Park’s resident members. Thus, each resident has the opportunity to mold the present and the future of our living environment.


Since Vista Village Mobilehome Park is resident owned and operated, and is a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation, no part of the members’ monthly fees goes to an independent park owner or property management firm, but solely to pay the mortgage on our mutually-owned property and to our employees for its administration and upkeep. In addition, under our bylaws, each member’s ownership share is included in the purchase price of his/her/their unit. It is thus that we are able to keep the costs of buying and living in the Park affordable.